Coach outlet online was killed when a man

Coach outlet online was killed when a man , he suddenly realized , now warm knife is very dangerous if they can help warm knife out of trouble , then warm knife will appreciate yourself, maybe let the temperature marry his dream while warm knife to help resolve the trouble , they must find the murderer .

Coach outlet not find the murderer , but he refused to give up, so he thought from these people to find a scapegoat , and in these people, overcast error is undoubtedly the most suitable , and he used a knife and knife excellent , most importantly, no wrong shade arrogant disdain for something to explain .

But when Coach outlet positive plan for their triumphant this time, Hwarang find on him, and his intentions that out, Coach outlet Hwarang say this might sound intentions , he is really scared stay, he did not think could have spent Lang knew framed shade no wrong .

In the garden of the waterside , the time spent Lang Coach outlet not wait to kill , but to say he can not spend Lang murderer , but wanted to find him to ask him for help , Coach outlet did not want to kill, but after listening to the words of Hwarang , he felt this could help warm knife , maybe it can really get warm knife does not necessarily like , so he agreed.You can also go to

But in today's evening, Lang will spend their conspiracy say it?

Hwarang looked at Coach outlet , a faint smile , then said Coach outlet is not a murderer , because he was invited Wen knife, a knife and warm after you send the letter received before going to ask them, if that the letter was written by Coach outlet , how he will be able to warm knife will certainly ask him ?

When Hwarang finished, all the talent finally understand , and coach Hwarang not see himself framed shade no wrong thing to say it , for he is full of gratitude.

Then, spend Lang continued when I saw you wrote that letter after warm knife , I suddenly came to understand , then quickly went to Coach outlet , asked him to help , and then go no wrong shade , so they staged a Courses lead you out of the show.